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  • Parent Coaching

    Getting Comfortable with Change

    As our kids approach adolescence we suddenly become aware that major changes are ahead physically, emotionally and socially for our kids.

    Many parents begin to wonder:

    How do I talk to my child about choosing good friends, technology, and their changing bodies?

    How do I respond when their friend’s opinions start to matter more than mine?

    How do I keep a connected relationship where I can guide them through these turbulent years instead of battling?


    As you partner with me in weekly coaching sessions, we’ll address all the challenges that are keeping you up at night and together create an individualized roadmap to parent with calm and confidence.

    By gaining clarity on your own priorities as a parent we’ll better align your actions with your values. We’ll explore the ways to foster connection during the adolescent years and we’ll create strategies to reduce power struggles and encourage independence.

    Ready to parent with more calm and confidence?

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    Parent Feedback

    “Julia asked the hard questions that forced me to look at parenting through a different perspective. I really needed to take care of myself to be a happier, healthier mother for my children. I needed to put back the joy into motherhood so I could view my children as individuals with individual needs. My children have become more receptive to the parenting techniques she taught me and that has made all the difference.”

    “Working with Julia helped me solidify my intentions as a parent. She is kind, thoughtful, and nonjudgmental. She built me up as a mother and helped me to see the things that were already going well and work through some problem points to help me see what the underlying cause was. She is up to date on information and breaks it down in a way that is easy to apply and understand.”

    “I was really struggling and feeling inadequate as a single parent without much support. Working with Julia was just the confidence builder I needed. It was extremely helpful to have someone to talk to and ‘coach’ me and help validate my feelings. Julia worked with me to come up with ideas to try on repeated challenges I was experiencing. She helped me to focus on the positive qualities of my children and remember that my relationship with them was really my priority and to focus on that.”

    “One of the biggest things I learned from my parent coaching with Julia was to focus on what IS working. It took me from a place of stress and anxiety about what wasn’t working and what we needed to fix to be able to recognize what was good already. This helped me to feel happier, more peaceful and like I could come into more situations with love and understanding. She helped me to realize that things don’t have to fall specifically into my classified definition of connection and communication to be connection and communication. She empowered me to recognize and accept differences and again to look for strengths surrounding them.”

    “Julia helped my husband and I identify our family’s strengths and our areas of concern. She helped us find solutions for our children and family. Previous struggles with my kids became more manageable with each step. Julia was very professional and compassionate. I looked forward to my coaching sessions each week.”

    Meet Julia

    After two decades of working in adolescent mental health, I feel passionately about empowering parents to raise resilient kids. I am in the trenches with you as I’m also raising four children *imperfectly* in an ever changing and complex world.

    I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development and I am a PCI® Certified Parent Coach. The PCI® certification is an extensive year-long graduate level course founded in Appreciative Inquiry, one of the pillars of Positive Psychology. PCI® parent coaches undergo rigorous supervised training on the latest coaching techniques and research-based practices that support optimal child development.

    In addition to one on one coaching, I’m also a Positive Discipline Parent Educator. I love engaging parents in my fun and interactive workshops. Parents walk away with tools they can use right away to create more calm and confidence in their home. Check this page or my IG account @connection.parenting for the next workshop dates. I also offer free short form classes to church and parent groups in person in the DC Metro area or online anywhere in the US.

    Why I love to Coach Parents

    Check out my interview with the Parent Coach Club. 

    Fast forward to 8:18 for some of my favorite coaching topics and how I coach parents to get comfortable with uncomfortable conversations. 

    What is the Coaching Process like?

    We’ll schedule weekly 50 minute phone or video calls. During this time I’ll listen to the challenges you’re experiencing, ask thoughtful questions to determine what changes you’d like to see happen and then together we’ll create manageable steps towards achieving your preferred reality.

    I recommend a minimum of 8 sessions to gain the most from the coaching process, with most clients needing 10-12 sessions to fully experience the change they’re seeking.

    Schedule a FREE 20 min phone call to determine if parent coaching is a good fit for you.