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    Coaching FAQs

    What’s the difference between Counseling and Coaching?

    Counseling is led by a Master’s level therapist trained to diagnosis and treat mental illness and respond to crisis intervention when needed. Counseling can address past hurts and challenging thoughts and behaviors that are impeding you or your child’s ability to move forward. The focus is on identifying challenges and creating solutions to overcome them.

    Coaching is a process of discovery led by a certified coach (or therapist). Coaches are trained to help you gain clarity on your goals and create strategies to move towards those goals. Coaching is present and future focused. Coaching helps identify your strengths and how to utilize them in better ways.

    Is Coaching covered by Insurance?

    Coaching is not covered by insurance.

    Do we have to live in MD to receive virtual coaching services?

    You can reside anywhere in the US to receive coaching services. We’ve coached families in 6 states throughout the US.