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    Positive Discipline Workshop

    Join Julia Ferguson, Certified Positive Discipline Educator and Parent Coach on Saturday, January 14th from 11 am- 1pm EST for a Positive Discipline Workshop.

    This 2 hour workshop was created to arm you with the best strategies Positive Discipline has to offer for parenting your preteens and teens this year. 

    Learn Positive Principles and Strategies to:

    • Encourage Responsibility

     • Foster Independence

     • Decrease Screen Time

     • Reduce Sibling Rivalry

      •  and Build Connection

    Positive Discipline in Real Life

    Developed by Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott, Positive Discipline focuses on 5 main positive parenting principles. Parenting should be 1) Kind and Firm, 2) Focus on Belonging and Significance, 3) Utilize Tools that work long term, 4) Teach valuable social and life skills, 5) Develop a child’s sense of capability.

    Check out this video of Julia applying a few principles of Positive Discipline to this mother’s concern about her teen’s chronic lateness. 

    How is a Parenting Course Different from Parent Coaching?

    The PD Course teaches positive parenting tools that can be applied to a variety of parenting challenges in a small group setting. Parent coaching is a deeper, individualized look at your parenting style and unique challenges. As a certified coach, I guide you through the coaching process to identify strengths, imagine better strategies and create individualized action steps. The PD course and coaching can work in tandem as you learn positive parenting principles in the course and then explore in coaching the application of those principles with your own parenting style and values. Coaching also addresses the barriers getting in the way of implementing these strategies.

    Can I join with my parenting partner?

    Absolutely! Being united in your parenting is so important. You will each submit a separate registration form and will receive a 10% discount on each of your registration fees.

    What parenting stage is the Positive Discipline Course best for?

    The principles of PD can be applied to any parenting stage. For the purposes of this workshop, examples will focus on the Elementary and Middle School years. 

    How much does it cost?

    The cost for your 2 hour workshop is $75. Join with a parenting partner or a friend and you BOTH receive 10% off the registration fee. 

    What's the format for the class?

    A Zoom link will be sent out the week before the class begins. The class will be a combination of short instruction periods, small group and large group discussions. My goal is to create a supportive, judgement free environment and for each parent to walk away with support and strategies to prepare you for the summer ahead. 

    Still wondering if this course is a good fit for you? Send me an email at [email protected] and I’d be happy to chat.